Psychic Locator

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The Psychic Locator is an iPhone application that allows you to find a psychic anywhere in the United States.  With over 1500 psychics and mediums listed, you’re bound to be drawn to the one that’s right for you.

Psychic Locator features an easy to use interface that lets you look up psychic listings by state and city, until you find a psychic that’s near you. You can then use the listing in a variety of ways:

See the State / City General Area info to locate a psychic in your vicinity.

Click on the Map View link to open up a Google Maps view of the psychic’s location plotted on a map.  You can then click on the Directions button in the Map application, which will automatically show you the best route from where you and your phone are right now to your psychic.  You can also get a satellite view of the area, and a map of current traffic conditions along the route to your psychic’s location.

Click on the Phone Number to automatically dial their number.

Click on the Email link to send them email from your iPhone.

Click on the Website link to launch Safari on your iPhone, so you can review their webpage to find out more about them.


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