Kidin RSS Reader for Kids

The KidIn RSS Reader for Kids is an application that provides news, information,  and games for kids ages 8-14.  Arranged in an easy-to-use format, the KidIn Reader gives kids instant access to daily Word and SAT information, weekly science and gaming articles,  and  frequently-updated MP3 podcasts on classical music and science topics.

The KidIn RSS Reader 1.0 provides the following RSS feeds:

  • Science Kids New and Information
  • Yahoo’s! SAT Tip Of The Day
  • Daily eSudoko Puzzle
  • Oxford English Dictionary Word Of The Day
  • PC World Game On Videogame Reviews
  • National Geographic Explorer
  • NPR Classical Music for Kids
  • Why? Science Show

The KidIn Reader is a great way for kids to have trouble-free access to fresh, interesting content every day.

Use the email link below for your support questions. 

KidIn Support


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