Google TV: A Nail In The Coffin For Apple?

After seeing the Google TV demo / announcement at Google I/O this past March, I was skeptical but open-minded about how their conception of Push TV would hit the market. It didn’t really register with me until I started looking at upgrading my home TV set, and I reviewed the Google TV dev session material on YouTube this week to see if I should hold out longer.

This time, the material grabbed me. I was also in the market for a new laptop for my son as he starts his senior year, and I realized that if I got the Google TV, the next laptop for my son wouldn’t be a Mac.

I knew that my teenage sons had never owned a Mac, and with Push TV they may never will; they go through their lives using HP and Dell laptops, mainly because the price points are lower, Windows 7 is stable enough for them, and they can get Mac apps on their PCs – my older son uses Safari and iTunes with his iPhone 4G; my younger son uses Chrome and iTunes and a iPhone 3G. They both use IM and Facebook and YouTube constantly; they bang on their browsers daily, throwing links back and forth through a dizzying array of social media sites.

My wife and I are drawn in weekly to see what they’ve managed to find on the web, in terms of videos, baseball information, Wiki info, eBay deals, and gamer websites.

Usually my wife and I huddle around the small screen for a minute or two, but then drift off. The laptop screen is too dim, or the viewing angle is wrong, or the distortion from the small speakers is too much. Or their iPhone screens are too small, and the content is too restricted.

I realized that if they could push that Web information via their laptops and to our TV, it would make our interactions better.

And HD web content could look as good or better on a HDTV than on a PC or laptop.

And I could facilitate that by getting a Google TV as our next TV.

But I also realized that the path that Google TV takes (Android OS – Flash) would leave my sons’ iPhones out of the loop, and would kill the deal with social interaction on that level.

And that if I got a Google TV, and they started pushing video and web content to it from their laptops, they will.  Not just to share with their parents and friends they have over, but because they’re going to want to see what they find on the web on a big HD screen, with the right speakers.

And that their next laptops this year would be PCs, because they can do that.  And their next phones would be Androids, because they can do that.  It won’t so much me my choice, but what they’re going to demand, once they get hooked on the Push TV experience.

And when Google TV – Push TV takes off past the early adopters, millions upon millions of users will make the same Not Apple choice.


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